Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

This past weekend, we stayed very busy.  Our yard sale Saturday went well and we made a good bit of money.  Sunday, John, Ethan and I went to Turtle Park trying to beat the heat and the crowd.  We beat the crowd but not the heat.  The slides were just too hot.  We walked the Riverwalk trail instead and headed to Dairy Queen for an ice cream afterwards.  Ethan didn't make it there awake, so we just went home.  After his nap, we got out his pool that he got for his birthday.  After what seemed like forever blowing it up and coating the child in sunscreen, we finally were ready to go outside.  Let me just say this, "Well water is COLD!"  It was plenty hot outside to swim but that water reminded me of Radium Springs.  Ethan got in but only to stand and play with the water toys.  Every time he wobbled and landed on his butt, he made an "ooh, that's cold" face and was quickly back on his feet.  He loved it though.  Somehow, he convinced Cooper (weimaraner) to come to the pool only to splash him and send him running across the yard...but he kept coming back every time Ethan called him.  

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