Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Disney in a Day!

It seems as if I am always playing catch up on here.  I definitely need to get better at setting apart some time to do this (even if no one is reading it).  Ethan and I spent last week in Orlando with my parents and Wesley (my 10-year-old brother).  John wasn't able to go because of his new job. :-( We went to Disney's Magic Kingdom and it was great...really hot but still great!  Wesley and I rode all of the rides that I was always too chicken to get on.  We rode Space Mountain and Splash Mountain.  Both were amazing!  Ethan mostly enjoyed the sites and the few characters we saw (from a distance of course, he doesn't like them so much up close).  He waved to the Country Bear Jamboree Characters while the show was going.  Mickey's Toon Town or whatever it is called is closed for construction until...get this...2013!!!  I was very disappointed.  I thought that Ethan would really enjoy that section of the park.  Overall we had a great time.  The rest of the week we spent at wonder works or just floating in the lazy river at the resort.  I know, what a rough week, right?!  It was so good to get away from Albany, just wish my hubby could have come along. 

Cinderella's Castle
Ethan in the Resort Pool
Wesley "surfing" at Universal City Walk