Thursday, May 19, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

So sorry for neglecting you.  I am going to try to play catch-up in one blog.  For starters, Ethan is saying more words in a week's time than I could have dreamed.  He can now say: Mama, Daddy, Grandma, Meme(sometimes), Bubbles, Stop, Get, and Baby.  He comprehends a lot more than that.  I can say "Tell her hey" or "Blow her a kiss" without any motions and he knows exactly what I mean and most of the time does it.  Last Sunday, Ethan walked over and picked up the glove that his Grandma bought him and put it on his hand.  John grabbed the ball and said "Get Ready!"  Ethan held the glove up and John threw it and it stuck in the glove (velcro) and you would have thought that John had won the lottery.  He scooped Ethan up and spun him around saying "I'm so proud of you".  See the video here.  
Then on Monday....crisis struck.  My cell phone rings at work and I see the daycare's number.  I always answer these phone calls braced, hoping that he is just sneezing or coughing and instead she says, "You need to come get Ethan, he fell and hit his head pretty hard and he is not acting right.  I think he needs to go to the doctor as soon as possible.  Panic set in.  Somehow I managed to make the 14 minute drive in a record 8 minutes. I cannot explain the worry that took over when my child is looking in my direction and is obviously unaware of who I am or able to focus on my face.  We took off towards the hospital (doctor's recommendations) with Grandma in tow to help keep my little boy conscious.  He was going in and out the entire ride.  The drive from the daycare to the hospital seemed longer than you can possibly imagine.  I called the hospital as we were getting closer and they told me they would be outside waiting for us.  They grabbed in from the car and I followed frantically.  I was so focused on following the nurse that was carrying my child that I did not see a cart with a computer on it and plowed right into it.  The entire computer shook as I tried to keep it from toppling off the cart.  The nurse said "Mom, calm down and take a breath."  Easier said than done.  They started an IV and took his vitals.  The doctor came and checked his ears for blood behind the ear drums that would mean a skull fracture.  No blood, thank God, thank God.  He still wanted to run a CT scan to just be sure. I sat in that hospital room praying over and over "Please let him be okay."  The CT scan turned out to be fine too.  I have never been so scared in my entire life.  My prayers quickly turned to "THANK YOU! THANK YOU!".  After all was said and done, Mama Bear instincts took hold of my body.  I did not want him out of my sight.  Of course I had to get over that because I eventually have to go to work (against my will, might I add). In the end, everything is fine.