Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some Humor

I want to share with you some events that have happened over the last couple of weeks that take the cake.  

you know how they say your kids will embarrass you...well, ding, ding, we have a winner.  Last Saturday at music trivia at the Mexican restaurant, Ethan and Wesley (my much younger brother) decided to dance which eventually led to climbing in the empty booth behind our table.  Now, let me just give a disclosure before I go any further, the ENTIRE restaurant was involved in the music trivia so everyone was dancing/playing trivia/socializing.  They weren't bothering anyone by climbing in the booth, well weren't until...Ethan stands up in the booth seat which shares a back with the next booth.  (They are small booths for your mental picture, as in Ethan is taller than the back. Ok, back to the story.)  He reaches over the back to the unsuspecting 20-ish year old boy sitting there and with both hands "tickles" the back of his neck while shouting, "TICKLE, TICKLE, TICKLE".  The boy ducks and turns to look at my child with the expression of "Did you really just tickle me?"  I could have literally crawled under the table.  The worst part is we have addressed this when I caught his hands mid-reach in Walmart as he was going to tickle another stranger who had his back to us.  Apparently, the message did not seep in that "WE DO NOT TICKLE STRANGERS".  I'm sure that veteran moms are reading this thinking "Oh you just wait, it will get worse." I imagine it will but for now, it was pretty awkward.

John, Ethan and I go to the Toys R Us and purchase a rather large Christmas present, not considering I drive a Camry and he drives a Mustang.  Needless to say, there were arguments as to which way is best to get this box to fit in my car.  Finally we put it in the front seat, while Ethan is in the back seat strapped into the car seat.  We decided to go to Moe's to eat dinner which is about a block away.  As soon as I pull out of Toys R Us, I realize this is NOT going to work.  I cannot see out of my passenger window AT ALL.  Since all I can do is make right turns, I end up taking a crazy zig zag route through the mall parking lot.  After we eat at Moe's, I tell John, "Okay, something's gotta give."  He puts Ethan in the driver's seat and shuts the door.  John grabs the car seat to move it to the opposite side and I am responsible for laying the passenger seat back as far as it will go.  In the middle of performing this maneuver, the lady in the car next to us cranks her car up.  When she does this, I see panic set in on John's face and I realize that he thinks that Ethan has just cranked up our car.  I now know first hand what a deer in headlights looks light.  I am not sure if this look was fear that he would also put it in gear and drive off, or if he was amazed that our 20-month-old just started a car.  Either way, my stomach is still hurting from laughing so hard. John still won't admit that the whole event caught him off guard.  

I can say this, life is always full of surprises.  Mostly surprises worth retelling because it is so great to laugh.