Monday, March 7, 2011

New things everyday

Toddlers are so inspiring! My one-year-old learns and does new things every single day.  It is amazing to see his character developing.  I look at him and think I am so lucky to have such a happy baby that just lights up the room.  Strangers we meet stop us to talk to him and he acts like they are someone he has known his whole year of life.  I know, you are thinking, that's kinda dangerous, him being friendly to strangers.  But let me assure you that right now he doesn't leave my sight and once he reaches that point, we will have the "Don't talk to strangers" conversation.  I finally got John (Ethan's dad and my husband) to put together the Slide/Swing Combo he got for his birthday.  He had just as much fun playing on it as he had playing in the box.  Had I known this, I might would have brought him home a box a little sooner (seeing as I work for a box plant and all).

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  1. Wow. what a great idea to follow Ethan as he grows up. I am so blessed to have a niece who is such a wonderul mother.
    Aunt Jo