Thursday, September 29, 2011

Long Time...

I know that I have really fallen behind on this.  I am not even going to give you any excuses.  I am just going to say, "Sorry!" and that I will try to do better but no promises.  I am a blogger slacker, I know.  Enough about me and my shortfalls, let me get on to what my followers (all 6 of them) want to hear about and that, of course, is Mr. Ethan.  He has changed so much lately.  It's amazing to me the development of a child from the age of 1 to 2 years old.  He can pretty much get across anything he wants you to understand with his one word "commands".  For instance, "teeth" means he wants to brush his teeth, but in Ethan language it means, "Put some toothpaste on my toothbrush so that I can eat it and ask for more toothpaste in a matter of seconds over and over."  (We go through a lot of toothpaste).  I guess what amazes me the most is the way that he says "Hey" and waves to someone we pass in the grocery store without me instructing him to do so.  He also tells me "Thank you" when I give him something without me telling him to do so.  These are the ones that make me the proudest.  It makes me realize that he completely understands the meaning of the words and knows when to use them.  Another one is "Come on".  If he is ahead of me at church heading to the door to leave, he will stop, turn around and say "Come on".  The cutest part about this is that he can not say it without slinging his arm around in the motion that also says "Come on".  (Hope that makes sense)


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  1. The "slinging his arm" thing does make sense Anna and that is so cute! :)